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Educommunication Pastoral formation in digital culture
Description of the environment

This work intends to contribute to Education for Communication, Educommunication, focused on the pastoral and educational environment. Educomunicações brings together the concepts of education and communication based on human and citizen values, with social commitment and transformation being integral parts of the concept, in all communication languages, also in digital culture. In its theoretical basis, it recovers the values of communication with ase in the dialogue and participation of people and their action in the world.
The objective is to share a training path so that communication is considered and experienced as an articulating axis in pastoral care and in the educational process, in which the different languages that are part of daily life can be assumed by the leaders. The methodology that integrates thinking, producing and coexisting is a fundamental component for the educommunicative experience, in which theory and practice are part of the same reality that leads to a change in the way of thinking and acting in favor of evangelizing and educational practices

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