Systematizations / Educommunication: Images of the teacher in the media

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Educommunication: Images of the teacher in the media

This book provides an overview of the ways in which the media present Brazilian primary school teachers. To discuss these perspectives, eight researchers, including master's and doctoral students from the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo (ECA-USP), under the guidance of Professor Dr. Adilson Citelli, observed over more than a year the messages that circulated in various media, revealing the results in the set of texts that make up the work. Adopting an analytical / critical approach, the authors show how the newspaper, radio, television, advertising, cinema are the representations of teachers and, also, how they can include everything from stereotypes to idealizations little or nothing referred to the daily lives of professional educators. As part of the Educommunication Collection, the work opens new research trails in the field that interrelate communication and education and, further, deepen the reflection about the role, condition and mechanisms of representation of teachers in the context of education in our country

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