Meaningful learning from David Ausubel

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Meaningful learning from David Ausubel

Meaningful learning, David Ausbel

The educommunicative experience in educational spaces privileges the significance of the processes and not the effectiveness of the next results, that is, to the extent that communication processes are developed and authentic ecosystems based on intentionality and balance become solid. referents that set the tone of the meeting and social commitment in the person, groups, societies.

David P. Ausubel's theory of significant learning in 1963, carried out against the priority of behaviorism, proposes as an alternative a teaching / learning model based on discovery, which privileged action and postulates that what is discovered is learned .

Ausubel understands that the human learning mechanism par excellence to increase and preserve knowledge is meaningful learning, both in the classroom and in everyday life. Ausubel (1976, 2002) .It is not necessary, from this approach, to discover everything, it is more , it is very slow and ineffective.12

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