David W. Johnson

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David W. Johnson

Collaborative learning

For educommunication, the experience of collaborative learning, of interactions and communicative processes in the educational spaces in which the person develops, favors exchange and joint construction with an eye towards the common good, with healthy autonomy, freedom and proximity dialogic with the other.

In this way, it approaches collaborative learning, understanding it as a philosophy of life, in which the participants in the experience are clear that the whole of the group is more than the sum of its parts.

From this perspective and in dialogue with educommunication, Collaborative learning, then, is born and responds to a new socio-cultural context where “how we learn” (socially) and “where we learn” (online) is defined.

13 Zañartu Correa L, Collaborative learning: a new form of Interpersonal and Online Dialogue


The cooperative learning in the classroom