Communication with the transcendent / Connected with Jesus to the encounter with the brother for the care of the “common house”

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Connected with Jesus to the encounter with the brother for the care of the “common house”
InstitutionDaughters of Mary Help of Christians
Responsible / sSor Rosa Mollo Freytas
Number of project recipientsInterlocut
Objectives and goals

General objective:

- Socialize resources that favor communication with the transcendent, listening to the Word and the Magisterium of the Church, creating networks in a culture of encounter that involves everyone in the formation and transformation of the world.

Specific objectives:

- Share resources that can be contextualized by Pastoral agents in a variety of situations.

- Propose the approach to the Word in an agile and dynamic way to be shared among girls, adolescents and young people.

- Socialize the richness of the Church's teaching profession and of Salesian pedagogy applied to daily life.

- Create networks that promote the culture of encounter and proximity.

- Involve all social partners in the construction of an authentic culture of encounter that shapes and transforms life.

JustificationPastoral action requires systematic, deep and articulated proposals that favor union with God from daily life, in such a way that it is possible to create, transform, order written and audio-visual resources on the network that promote contact with a close God, friend , always ready to listen.
Description of the environment

There is a lot of material on the network that boasts of being well organized and supported by its contents and they are nothing more than content tainted by the platform, lacking argument and doctrinal solidity, which requires educators, communicators, pastoral agents to limit themselves to copying what exists, or trying to improve the resource in its application, there is no time to prepare these resources, or there is not the necessary competence to propose them in a meaningful way, the approach to the network is generalized, however urgent articulated, dynamic and of deep content, that impacts adolescents and young people for all occasions.

- Create, contextualize, systematize resources according to the different times of the year.

- Build a blog with the diversity of wealth and the support of the style editor to ensure the quality of the resources and subsidies that are offered.

- Upload the blog to the network to be seen and worked by those who want it without passwords or limits in its application.


- Creation of a new network of encounters with animators, faith eucators, religious, communicators worldwide.

- Close dialogue that overcomes the barriers of time and distance.

- Desire to converge with new blog resources at the service of all.

- Careful, animated and followed prayer meetings

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